Is Fashion my Forte?

Due to the title of my blog (shoutout to my trusty thesaurus for suggesting the word 'forte'... so chic), I am immediately branding myself as some sort of style guru or fashion expert. But is fashion actually my forte? 




The point I'm trying to make (rather cryptically may I add) is that fashion is completely subjective and different people have different ideas of what 'good taste' is. 

Let me contextualise.

I will wake up at 6.20 in the morning for sixth form and I will choose from my wardrobe (or maybe my sisters...even my mum's...?!?) an outfit that I want to wear and something I feel comfortable in. I may even accessorise if I'm feeling adventurous. I will nod at my reflection in the mirror, somewhat content with my chosen outfit for the day and get into my car to make my daily commute into school. (In the process I will change from my heeled boots into my UGGs so my driving doesn't bare any threats to my fellow drivers on the roads (STAY SAFE KIDZ). However, I will then stroll into the sixth form common room, happy with what I am wearing then BAM

Someone sniggers. Someone looks me up and down with those scrutinising eyes. Someone may even whisper. 

Ooh la la. Drama.
There will always be someone who will find what I'm wearing not to their taste, or maybe even too adventurous. That's all fine and dandy because everybody is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts, but every time it just makes me realise that everyone has different taste and it's absolutely essential to just be accepting of that.

Sometimes I make outfit choices that I'm really happy with and are oh so avant-garde-esque, but of course there have been many times where I have taken it one step too far and I believe I look dreadful. 


My dreadful could be someone else's inspiration or someone else's go-to look, so it really is of paramount importance that we accept that what we decide to put on our backs is a completely personal decision, unique to every single one of us.

Maybe someone really likes this look..

Or perhaps someone thinks this tiny dress looks super edgy

Or maybe somebody even thinks this whole (abomination of an) outfit is making a bold statement... I highly doubt that, I must admit. But it's worth a shot.

Looking back on these three past outfits, I must admit I feel personally ashamed that I put it together and they were definitely NOT in any way à la mode, but with that being said, there may be a soul out there who doesn't think they all that bad or that fashion is indeed all about learning what you like best and what you feel good in. I promise I've done a lot of learning since these photos were taken.

Instead of just nattering away about how my fashion faux pas' may not be as bad in the eyes of someone else as they seem to me, it is also crucial to be aware of the fact that even though you may feel great, of course there will be people who think otherwise.

I'm here to tell you all to forget about those naysayers and you wear what makes you feel good. I cannot stress enough about how much I believe everyone must apply this to their lives.

And remember... in the famous words of Coco Chanel (love you forever Coco)

"If you're sad, apply more lipstick and attack"


I'm hoping that you're able to see the message I'm trying to put across to you today and that after having read this you feel somewhat enlightened to just go for it and be yourself, in the context of fashion but also in every aspect of your life. Yes, there will be the naysayers, but PLEASE use them as ammunition to just keep bettering yourself and to keep on doing what makes you feel good. 

SO, is fashion my forte?

Well I suppose you'll be the judge of that.

PS - if you desire a visual representation of the message I am trying to get across, watch this.
Thank me later.


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