10 Winter Essentials

It's the 1st December. Winter is well and truly upon us. It's official. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!
Winter is my favourite time of year because to me, nothing beats having a cosy night snuggling up in in-front of the fire (I wish we had a fireplace at Uni..) with a cup of hot chocolate whilst its freezing cold outside. Absolute bliss.

Now that temperatures have dropped and Christmas is just around the corner, there are definitely a number of essentials that are needed to keep us going throughout this wintery period. Here is my list of things that that are just essential this festive period winter:

1. Hot Water Bottle/Microwaveable Toy

If, like me, you love feeling warm and cosy while its blisteringly cold out the window, you can bring heat straight to you with a hot water bottle or a microwaveable toy, if hot water bottles aren't for you. Not only are these perfect for helping a sore tummy (ladies, you know), but they're quite literally the best way to add a little warmth and cosiness to you and they can also look pretty adorable too.

Check out this Hot Water Bottle from Boux Avenue for just £10.00

2. A Christmas Jumper

If you don't own a Christmas jumper, sorry..you're doing it so wrong. No winter wardrobe is complete without a little festivity and a christmas jumper is the best (and the most socially normal) option to go for. Whether you like having light up jumpers or just a sweet and simple number, it is absolutely paramount that one is lurking in there somewhere.

Checkout this Christmas Jumper from New Look for just £15.00

3. A pair of Christmas Pyjamas

Again, if you don't own a pair of Christmas pyjamas, something has gone wrong there. They tick all the boxes: they're comfortable, cute and keep you very warm, all whilst getting into the festive spirit!

Check out these Christmas Pyjamas from Boohoo.com for just £13.00

4. A Bobble Hat

The general consensus of Winter Fashion etiquette seems to be that bobble hats take priority over any head accessory. Forget a plain, boring beanie, but spice it up with a furry addition on top! Bobble hats are extremely adorable and an absolute definite on this winter essentials list.

Check out this Bobble Hat from New Look for just £4.79

5. A Winter-Scented Reed Diffuser

Having beautifully fragrant surroundings just lifts your spirits that little bit more. When winter hits, it's time to whip out the seasonal scents and start breathing in the goodness of Winter. Here at uni we aren't allowed candles (totally killed the aesthetic I was trying to achieve), so we have to settle for Reed Diffusers to provide us with a sweet-smelling room. I'm not complaining though, as there are numerous different places that sell a vast variety of wintery scents that you can enjoy.

Treat yourself to a Reed Diffuser from The White Company for £27.00

6.A Statement Coat

In the words of Frank Loesser: 'baby its cold outside', therefore, it's an absolute must to own a coat that stands out yet keeps you warm. Statement coats can spruce up any plain, fairly simple outfit with minimal effort possible.

Check out this Statement Coat from Miss Selfridge for just £55.30

7. Winter Boots

Footwear is always a tricky one to hack in the colder months, I find. Its essential to keep your feet comfortable and warm, especially if you find they are often the coldest part of your body (in my case). I would say a good pair of boots will see you through this Winter just fine, whilst also looking the part, too.

Check out these Boots from New Look for just £29.99

8. Earmuffs

I think earmuffs are the most adorable headwear items ever to exist. Kudos to the person who invented them. Ears are another part of the body that can get ├╝ber freezing when you're outside in the winter, so wearing a sweet pair of earmuffs will keep them nice and toasty while you frolic in the snow.

Check out these Ear Muffs from Zara for just £5.99

9. Hand Warmers

I don't know about you but its not a rare occurrence for me to lose sensation in my fingers because it's just so freezing outside. As well as wearing gloves, I like to invest in hand warmers to ensure I don't catch a cold or just hate what I'm doing because i'm officially numb.
Check out these cute Hand Warmers from M&S for just £2.50

10. Christmas Refreshments

I'm definitely no food blogger, however, I can assure you I'm a big foodie at heart. I love buying seasonal goodies from places like T K Maxx or even your regular supermarket. Whether its hot beverages, chocolates or themed baked goods (Christmas Tree-shapedcrumpets DO exist people), I think it's really fun to stock up and enjoy over the festive period and share with your family (or uni friends!)

Check out this Winter Spiced Hot Chocolate from Hotel Chocolate for £9.00


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