Looking Back on 2017 and its Highlights

It's fair to say 2017 has been a pivotal year in my life; so many things have happened this year that will have an impact on the years I have to come. There have been some highs and some lows (shoutout to A Levels..), however, this year has definitely been a turning point.

I set myself some resolutions in my 2016 edition of this post, which were:

  • Do well in my A Levels and get into my 1st choice University
  • Perform in more gigs and become more confident in doing so
  • Be more confident when standing up for myself if necessary
I am wondrously happy to be able to say I have achieved all four of my resolutions (although #4 was a bit of a wobbly one). I was extremely elated with my A Level results and I'm so proud to say I got into my 1st choice Uni (otherwise sitting in this flat would be slightly awkward right now), and I feel as though I managed to keep a positive demeanour when approaching most tough situations (aka A Levels). I have also performed in a lot more gigs this year than I ever have done before, including The Piano Works and The O Bar; something I really wanted to do more of.

My resolutions for 2018 are:

  • Pass 1st year with good grades
  • Complete a summer internship (preferably with a fashion-related company)
  • Travel Travel Travel
  • Say yes to more opportunities

Highlights of 2017

Turning 18 years old

2017 was the year that I hit the big 1 8. I am officially an adult and with that brings all of the adult-y responsibilities (does one wash whites on 30 or 40 degrees?). I had a wonderful time celebrating with my friends and family and I have enjoyed the life of an adult so far.

Going to Paris with my boyfriend

For my 18th birthday, my boyfriend took my to Paris for a weekend. We had a wonderful time together and whenever I am in Paris I am at my happiest.

Getting A Level results I'm proud of and getting into my 1st choice University

A Levels were tough, yet I was absolutely elated with my results. I pushed myself to the limit (trust me Cady Heron from Mean Girls, the limit DOES exist) and I learnt a lot of things about myself in the process. Results day for me was therefore not the nightmare I had conjured up in my thoughts.

Having a wonderful High School send-off

After 14 years at the same school with the same friends and the same teachers, leaving was one of the most difficult and upsetting things to do. My school was my family and I loved it (apart from being forced to do the 200m on Sports Day). Our Muck-Up Day and Leaver's Ball were beautiful and merry ways to end a fruitful time at the High School.

Going on my first girly holiday

To celebrate the end of A Levels, me and my best friends went to Ayia Napa (classy) to celebrate and dance away our stresses. I truly had the best time with my girls and hopefully there will be many more adventures together!

Going to New Orleans and The Bahamas

My family holiday this year was like something out of a dream, I swear. Both New Orleans and The Bahamas were exceptionally beautiful, inspiring and breath-taking places to explore and experiencing it with my family was the cherry on top.

Going to V Festival

This was my second time attending V Festival and my goodness... it NEVER fails to disappoint! I spend 3 exciting days with 4 exceptional people and the music was of course amazing (shoutout to Ellie Goulding, my QUEEN).

First summer holiday with my boyfriend

Like the jet setters we truly are, my and my boyfriend travelled to Corfu to spend our first summer holiday there together. Having cocktails around the clock (All Inclusive ROCKS), playing darts and beautiful dinners on the pier were wonderful moments we shared together.

Going on a Songwriting Retreat in Spain

As a platinum member of The Songwriting Academy, I was able to go on a retreat to Spain where we would drink white wine by candlelight, write beautiful songs together and dance the salsa. It was a truly magical week that I came back from feeling motivated, energised and creatively inspired.

Starting University

University was a massive step for me. As a homebird at heart, it was very difficult to adjust to student life. However, these first few months at Uni have been incredible and I have met some of the most remarkable people that I cannot wait to share some more memories with.


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