Fashion Forecast: 2018 Trends

As we welcome in the new year of 2018, we will be discovering the new realms of the fashion-sphere that are lined up for the upcoming seasons. The 2018 catwalks signalled the continuation of many trends from before and will also be bringing about a few more styles and pieces that are slightly more unfamiliar. 

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen as we explore what we will be seeing in stores and online within the next 12 months:

Bike Shorts

Whether you were a fan of them in 2017 or not, this trend is certainly staying put for another year. This 90s-esque look appeared on numerous catwalks, including Fenty and Nina Ricci, which seemed to be a surprise and unexpected appearance, especially during Paris Fashion Week. It all began with Kim Kardashian (when does it not?!) in 2017; she would pair bike shorts with everything from blazers to t-shirts. Looks like many of us will continue sporting these shorts this summer!

Saint Laurent


Disco Chic

It wouldn't be a complete trend set without the mention of a particular decade. With the bike shorts we saw a glimpse of the 90s and we are now been thrown back to the 70s with the featuring of Disco Chic. Sequins, powersuits and dance-ready wear were all little glimmers of the 70s and what better decade to celebrate than one filled with dancing, disco lights and very questionable hair decisions.

Paco Rabanne


Sheer Delight

See-through clothing has made a substantial impression in the fashion world as it's been appearing increasingly more often over quite a while, but that does not mean it will disappear any time soon. There is a wide array of transparent materials that we saw on the runways; including tulle, plastics and silk.

Giambattista Valli

Anna Sui


It's colour galore this year, as most designers took to the Pantone 2018 Colour Chart as inspiration for their garments. When designers weren't opting for sweet pastels, they were making bright, bold statements instead. My personal favourite is the trouser suit from Libertine that is covered top to toe in brilliant sequins in block patterns I so wish I could get away with wearing something like this.

Dolce & Gabbanna


Super-size Earrings

Now this one isn't for those of you that have delicate earlobes that get weighted down quite easily. This year, its all about the OTT earrings and making a statement not with your clothes, but with your ears. If you want to wear a relatively simple outfit you can jazz it up with some serious bling on your ears and you will be sorted!


Stella McCartney


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