PLT January Sale Haul 2018

If you know me at all, you will know that I am partial to a good sale; I love finding the best bargains and being a savvy shopper. If you also know me, you will know that I am currently at university and I have exams this January (cry). When I get stressed, one of the best things I can do is retail therapy, however, I like to try and be as efficient with my spending as possible. The January sales are therefore some kind of Holy Grail for me and I have bought a few bits 'n bobs at such great prices.

I would absolutely recommend waiting it out (patience is indeed a virtue) until the sales to do a big clothing haul, just because it means that your money can can get you a lot more items than if you were buying them at their original price.  

I scoured the PLT website to find a few items (mainly party bits) that I could add to me ever-growing wardrobe. 

Black Velvet Frill Hem Shorts, £4.00

I have been in dire need of a new pair of black shorts to wear either to festivals or even on nights out. The black pair of shorts I used to wear, I bought when I was in year 8, and even though I like to keep old bits just incase they become cool again, I think I was verging on being branded a chronic hoarder and I finally recognised it was time to let go. These are really sweet little shorts that you can pair with anything, which I really liked. I also think the frills on the bottom are adorable and add something a little more unusual than just plain shorts.

Black Embroidery Printed Frill Hem Skirt, £5.00

There seems to be a running theme with frill hems with these first two items, but I just think it brings an allure of elegance and just a little bit of fun to an otherwise fairly mediocre hemline. I also was drawn to the bright embroidery because it's definitely something thats on trend for this year as a whole and who doesn't like to stay in keeping with fashion eh? I also had a little image in my head when I bought this of me wearing it and dancing around in it and the frilly hem just going absolutely wild (?????????) and it just made me really happy, so I went ahead and bought it!

Bright Green Asymmetric Strappy Bodycon Dress, £3.00

These next two dresses are the same shape, I just got them in two different colours (because when is 1 ever enough?). Due to the VERY low price (love it), I was a bit sceptical about how good quality it would be, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and all was concealed. The fabric is really soft, meaning that it has the potential to be dressed down with converse and a leather jacket, however, I did buy these with a dressy night out in mind.

Now this colour is just as bright in person as it is on the computer screen. It'a a pretty bold statement, however, I wanted to try and be a little more exploratory with colours this year and I thought this may be an interesting way to start.

Tomato Red Split Detail Bandeau Dress, £5.00

I bought this because I was just in need of a good, old party dress with no frills and no extras (as painful as that is for me) to just whip on and be out the door. I chose red because of my new colour venture and I have always loved wearing red but it was never a primary option.


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