4 Days in Amsterdam

This year, I have made it one of my missions to get some travelling done - mainly Europe -whilst I still currently have the time during my University holidays. Earlier this year, I spent 12 hours in Paris (my FAVOURITE!!!), which was an absolutely phenomenal day, so my sister, our friends and I decided to voyage to Holland to visit the one and only Amsterdam. It's just got to be done.

Amsterdam is one of those destinations that you always seem to hear people raving on about, yet you have to experience it yourself to reap the full benefits of the city. Amsterdam has always been of interest to me and I was (and still am) extremely intrigued by their customs and the legalities of certain activities that are not permitted in my home country and also the Dutch language.

The 4 of us mapped out a beautifully organised itinerary, which was bursting with exciting and interesting things to do around the city. In this post I will write about the experiences we had and the weird and wonderful nooks and crannies of the wildly fascinating city of Amsterdam.

Pluk Amsterdam

If you're a big foodie like me and like a good ol' brunch and if you like aesthetically pleasing scenarios, Pluk is definitely the one for you. With an assortment of tantalisingly delicious-looking cakes proudly displayed on the counter, the menu is nothing short of Holland's most beautiful breakfast dishes. From smoothie bowls to smashed avocado on toast, there is something on the menu for everyone.
As someone with an intolerance to gluten, eating out can often be a partial nightmare as not every single eatery can cater for these allergies. However, there were a few gluten-free dishes and everything on the menu was able to be morphed into meals that suit different dietary requirements upon request, which I was extremely impressed with. Everyone's a winner at Pluk.

The Giant Cloggs

In Amsterdam, clogs are everywhere. Whether they're sold as mini keyrings or even fashioned into bicycle baskets, when in Amsterdam, you will find it a very challenging task to avoid clogs. Luckily for us, we liked the numerous appearances of clogs and my sister managed to scope out some giant clogs that you can take funny photographs with. Situated outside a souvenir shop on Dam Square, these bright yellow clogs provided us with a  few minutes of giggles, despite some slight rain falling down on us!


Vondelpark is an absolute MUST when in Amsterdam. Described as the 'Central Park' of Amsterdam, this idyllic park is a beautiful place to go when the sun is dazzling and there isn't a raindrop in sight. For an even more entertaining experience, hire some bikes and cycle around the park; we tried it and it was so much more fun (albeit slightly more difficult..I hadn't cycled in years) than going by foot! Vondelpark3 is a large café where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat whilst soaking up the gorgeous views of the park. After a strenuous hour of cycling (the cyclists in Holland are absolutely mad and have no mercy!!), we sat in Vondelpark3 and I genuinely couldn't stop smiling the whole time as it was so enjoyable.

Hortus Botanicus

Thanks to my sisters avid pinteresting, she stumbled across Hortus Botanicus and therefore, we all ventured off to enjoy some scenic, botanical gardens and boy were we not disappointed. An oasis of leafy green foliage and beautiful butterflies (is it weird I actually find butterflies slightly scary??), these botanical gardens were beautiful to explore and a great way to spend time when the weather isn't being too kind and all you want is some humid, greenhouse air to warm you up.

Mama Kelly

Another beautifully instgrammable location, Mama Kelly is a decadent restaurant kitted out with plush pink furniture and the coolest décor you ever did see. I was in my total element as we sat amongst velvety pink booths and enjoyed sparkling rosé in lavish champagne glasses. The menu specialises in Lobster and Chicken, although there are a few other options for those whose tastebuds don't permit for either of their delicacies. I would recommend the 1/2 chicken marinated in an 'oriental sauce'. Delish. Tip number 2 is to not get too dubious about the somewhat odd location of the restaurant; bare with the uber driver, they are definitely taking you to the right place, even if its not where you expect!

Moco Museum

If you're an art lover (particularly street art and pop art), the Banksy and Lichtenstein exhibition at the Moco Museum would be absolutely appropriate for you. Walls were covered from head to toe in pieces from these two incredibly famous artists, all of which were explained in such detail both by audio and visual videos and by text hanging on placards next to the art itself. My favourite part was the 3D pop-art inspired room, which looked even more mystifying in real life than in photographs. Overall, the exhibition was such a delight and if you're a student, you can use your Uni-days app (if you've forgotten your student card) to get a discounted ticket! Ah the perks of being a student. 


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