Top 5 Trends from Coachella 2018

Coachella is the pinnacle of all festivals. The highlight of many people's calendars, this festival is the most exciting and beautiful event of the year. This year, the yodelling Walmart boy made it onto the stage and if that's not just the best thing you've ever seen, I truly do not know what is.

If you're like me and seriously having the no-chella vibes, it's up to us to enjoy the festival from the feeds of our social medias and wish we were there. This may not sound like a typically enjoyable activity (#FOMO), however, if you're fashion-obsessed and especially love festival style, it may be more entertaining than you think!

Each year, the fashion at Coachella appears to become more rogue, exciting and that bit more daring. I've thoroughly enjoyed admiring the different, glittery bits n' bobs that adorn people's bodies (and faces for that matter), so I decided to round up some of the most prevalent trends we have seen at this glorious festival.

Trend #No.1: The Sheer Thrill of It

Transparent materials have cropped up many times during Coachella. From sheer, flared trousers to transparent, frilly dresses, it seems as though clothes are becoming more and more revealing as the days go on. Yet, each look is undeniably classy and unique.

Trend #No.2: Fringe Frenzy

It's no doubt that fringe detailing would appear, seeing as it is the epitome of festival fashion. Maybe not the most logistically effective detailing (in my experience, fringing just gets caught up in all my jewellery), it looks absolutely beautiful and is a fun alternative to crochet.

Trend #No.3: Glitter Go Crazy

Gone are the days where flower crowns would be the must-have final touch to your outfit (#cry). Instead, smearing glitter onto your face has taken the world by a storm and hundreds of Coachella-goers have poured the stuff onto their faces (and hair too!) to resemble shimmering, walking mermaids. Substitute your every-day highlighter with some iridescent glitter and you're ready to go!

Trend #No.3: Red-y to Rumble

Ah red, the fieriest colour of all. Perfect for a festival, dressing head-to-toe in red is the best way to feel entirely empowered and ready to slay the day. Take it from these two beautiful ladies who look absolutely fierce.

Trend #No.5: The Bum Bag

The Bum Bag. A total classic. Where would we be without these little bags from heaven. Practical yet extremely fashionable, it's no surprise that these were seen around everyone's waists (or even on their shoulders!?). You can even hit a double whammy by sporting a fringed-bum bag and then you'd really be winning.


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