Met Gala 2018 | My Favourite Looks

The Met Gala is the pinnacle of the fashion fixture list and each year, idols and moguls from all over the world unite at this famous fundraising gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This year, the event was chaired by US Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour (you'd never have guessed) and the co-hosts comprised Rihanna, Amal Clooney and Donatella Versace.

This year, the theme for the museum's annual exhibit, thus the Gala theme itself, is 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.' As this title suggests, religious references are at the forefront of this year's artistic conversation and, by admiring the outfits of the stars that dotted the red carpet, the title was very respectfully contemplated.

I personally think the theme of this year's exhibition is extremely topical and also integral to the fusing together of the ideologies of both religion and fashion. The two subjects go hand-in-hand as religion is something that is represented by fashion in a multitude of ways and it is paramount to recognise the significance between the different representations. As exhibition curator Andrew Bolton highlights, "It [fashion] affirms religious allegiances and, by extension, it asserts religious differences".

In this post I will be mentioning my best-loved outfit ensembles and assessing their relevance to the theme.

Blake Lively

Custom made by atelier Versace, Lively's ruby red gown did not fail to steal the limelight on the red carpet this year. Speculations have arisen that it took over 600 hours of crafting to achieve the full design, with ornate designs and elaborate embellishments encrusting the bodice and cascading down the skirt. The dress makes Blake look radiant, almost regal-like and the intricacy of the adornment mirrors that of the inside of a church, addressing the theme without directly referencing an artwork or figure in particular. 

Sarah Jessica-Parker

Only SJP can parade the whole nativity scene on top of her lusciously long locks and absolutely get away with it, even though we are all batting our eyelids slightly. The intricacy of Parker's outfit is utterly bamboozling, with the gold embroidery decorating the entire dress - and train for that matter! Her headdress directly references the theme, whilst her gown, similarly to Blake's, imitates the opulence of a church's interior. I'm particularly drawn to the interesting shape of the sleeves, which I think is a subtle yet intelligent reference to the bells of a church, which will swing with SJP's arm movements just as bells swing as they are rung. It takes an artistic yet genius brain to think of that.

Ariana Grande

Ariana's dress gives the illusion that she's wearing the entirety of the Sistine Chapel's altar wall in the form of an elegant ballgown. Created by Vera Wang, the dress boasts a structured bodice, a full skirt and a little touch of tulle to give Ariana an almost angelic 'glow'. Michaelangelo's painting 'The Last Judgement' is the painting that is being featured, which speaks for itself in reference to the theme. Grande also donned a simple, ribbon hairpiece, perhaps depicting the veils that are a part of catholic iconography today.

Kate Bosworth

Looking like an angel that has descended from the heavens, Kate Bosworth's Met Gala look evokes an aura of the Virgin Mary whilst simultaneously appearing fairly bridal in her white, Oscar de la Renta gown. A white veil, trimmed with the iridescent glow of mother of pearl, drapes down her neck in an elegant, angel-like fashion. The gold flecks that speckle the gown give that additional glimmer and the layers-upon-layers of tulle that make up the skirt make Kate seem as though she's floating on a true angel.


This look, I feel, is a more contemporary execution of the theme. The baby pink shade of the dress evokes a youthful innocence, whilst the half-circle headpiece makes direct reference to Catholic iconography. There is a repeated trend of tulle on this year's carpet, and I think its use is extremely effective as it depicts an angelic, floating appearance as a result of the light, airy nature of the fabric. SZA definitely got the memo on that front.


It's no doubt that Zendaya's look is recreating that of Joan of Arc, Roman Catholic saint and figure of female strength. The metallic, silver material has been utilised to represent the appearance of armour, with thin layers of fabric depicting the metal plates that make up a piece of armoury. There's something quite simple about Zendaya's outfit, despite the undeniable craftsmanship that was involved in the fabrication of the dress. The simplicity of the outfit - perhaps the lack of bold colour - allows the look to be centrally focussed on representing the figure of Joan of Arc, without detracting from the significance of the saint by going overboard with lavish make-up or an overstated hair-do. To me, Zendaya has kept it entirely classy.


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