Get Ready With Me | Summer Ball 2018

My first Summer Ball as a university student was a rather big deal for me. It was a time to celebrate the end of exams (I will not miss you) and to just have a jolly good time with my best friend at university.

Now, since me and my friend went through every trauma to get our hands on the wristbands (big up the website that CRASHED), we were determined to make this the best evening of our first year at Uni; after all, we both had cause to celebrate! Dresses were ordered, champagne was bought and our whole day had been planned to the minute ever since we got our little hands on those nifty wristbands.

I've decided to write a post about how our day unfolded and my final outfit choice for Summer Ball 2018:

Step 1: Nail Salon

One thing's for sure; when you finish your exams, you get your nails done. It's one of the best ways to relieve yourself of any lingering stress and it's such a fun, sociable activity to do with your best friend! After having conducted meticulous research into the best nail salon in Bath, we settled for American Nails, and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. I opted for long, coffin-shaped nails as I love the elegance of the length. I chose a nude colour with a glitter statement nail to add a little glamour whilst keeping the colour flexible for future outfits. We couldn't stop staring at our nails for the rest of the day!

Step 2: Pamper Session

Another thing I love to do before a big event is pamper myself fully. The night before I had a long, hot shower and used my favourite body products. However, before applying my make-up, I wanted to fully clean and prepare my skin by using a peel-off face mask. It left my skin feeling so smooth and fresh-faced and peeling it off provided us with a little giggle (not my best look). This mask was only a few pounds from Superdrug, yet I thought it did wonders for my skin and I was left feeling rather satisfied with it's functioning. 

Step 3: Make-up

Spending a long time perfecting make-up before a special occasion is somewhat exciting and satisfying to me. I love to use precision and make my face look exactly how I want it to, by spending time blending out the products well and actually concentrating whilst applying my cat-eye flick (yes, cellotape was needed). We both opted for a fierce, red lip to make a bold statement, meaning we kept our eyes fairly neutral, yet dramatic with false eyelashes. The matte liquid lipstick I used was from Chanel and I absolutely love the pigmentation and its long-lasting nature meant it was perfect for my evening!

Step 4: The Outfit


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