The Life of a Fashion Intern at The Sun

As a student dreaming of someday working in the fashion industry, it's absolutely necessary to gain some invaluable experience, as this is a great way to comprehend what really goes on and what can be expected from the roles.

I was fortunate enough to be offered a 2 week placement on the Fashion Desk at The Sun Newspaper. I came across an advert for the position online and I immediately sent my CV and covering letter in the hopes of being successful. I was delighted when I received an email from them, asking me when I could go in. We settled for 4th - 16th of June, giving me a nice 0 day break from returning home from uni and starting my placement. Nevertheless, I was eagerly anticipating my experience and was excited to start.

Walking out of London Bridge station to be greeted with a spectacular view of the Shard was a glorious start to my week and the News Building that I was based in was right opposite. As I stumbled through the revolving, glass doors, I immediately made my way to the front desk to get my pass. After 15 minutes of dealing with very confused receptionists (they didn't seem to know how to contact the Fashion Desk?), one of the girls came down to greet me and show me around.

We took the lift up to floor 12, The Sun offices, and I was immediately interested by the layout and atmosphere of the office as there were many omnipresent TV's dotted around and a certain buzz around the place. I was shown the fashion cupboard and I quickly got the hang of the returns process. Thanks to my neat-freak nature, I found it extremely satisfying to be ensuring the correct returns of sample items and keeping the cupboard spotless, which many might find to be a mundane task. I loved having the responsibility of handling all this new-season clothing, although it's risky business as it made me want to purchase almost everything I'd seen! Not good for my poor bank account.

However, my favourite aspect of my experience was the opportunity to assist on photoshoots. I was lucky enough to assist on 4 shoots, one at Cherryduck Studios, two at Motel Studios and one in Haggerston. On the shoots, I was in charge of steaming all the clothes to ensure they were presentable and neat, dressing the models and offering ideas of what to style them in. Having these responsibilities made me feel as though my presence and input was genuinely useful and important, which is an immensely gratifying feeling. I also was able to meet so many people, from photographers who have photographed Eminem before to Make Up artists with such insane talent. Watching this crazy world unfold in front of me and learning about the process behind photoshoots was intense yet extremely intriguing as I was so unaware of the effort and preparation that goes into these shoots.

On the whole, my 2 weeks at The Sun were full of fun, fashion and so many cups of hot chocolate (they were SO yum)! I learnt a great deal whilst being there and I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work closely with the stylists on photoshoots, too.

Here is a little video I took whilst at The Sun. I hope it gives you a little insight into what I got up to!


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