20 Things I've Learnt in 20 Years

Today is the day, the day I am no longer a teenager, the day I turn 20 years old. The adolescent cocoon in which I have been so comfortable has broken away and I'm now ready to take off into the world of adulthood. Oh joy.

I loved being a teenager; it's the 7 years of naivety, learning about who you are as a person and enjoying the perks of being so blissfully ignorant towards most things. Teenagehood can be pretty daunting for some, but luckily for me, I spent my adolescent years being unbelievably happy - somewhat carefree - , full of life and relishing in every opportunity that came my way. I've made some of my favourite memories with my best friends, fallen in love, completed GCSE's, A Levels, started University, travelled to numerous places and worked at some incredible companies. Now my teenagehood is over and I embark on starting the journey through my twenties, the decade of evolution, navigation and establishing the fate of my future. No pressure.

From 0-20, I've learnt so much about myself, about life and about what I want to accomplish throughout my existence. I thought for my first blog post as a twenty year old I would bestow upon my readers all the wisdom (can I call it wisdom?) I've acquired through my 20 years of life.

1. Cherish your family.

2. Don't conform to anything you don't want to.

3. Recognise when a friendship is toxic and REMOVE IT FROM YOUR LIFE.

4. Travel. Educate yourself culturally. Learn a new language. There's more to life than staying within what you know.

5. Saying yes to opportunities leads to new adventures.

6. Make an effort in social contexts and accept invitations to events during your school years.

7. Putting others down to make yourself feel better will not benefit anybody.

8. You do not need validation from anyone but yourself. Strive to be 100% content with who you are.

9. You only need to count your closest friends on 1 hand.

10. Working hard produces results. Relying on "winging it" rarely pays off.

11. Getting a part-time job and earning your own wage helps you to better balance your finances and appreciate the value of money.

12. Comparing yourself to others is inevitable but learn to appreciate who you are as an individual. You'll never be exactly the same as anyone else and that is the beauty of being UNIQUElY YOU.

13. Work hard in school. It will pay off in the end and you'll earn the respect of yourself and your peers.

14. Having a passion really is what makes this whole thing worth living. Find out what makes your soul shine and become a master at it. Don't let anyone get in the way of that.

15. If a loved one is in need, go to them. Help them. Provide your support. Be the bestest friend in the world to them.

16. Always say thank you when someone has done something for your benefit. When someone picks up your pen off the floor, helps you with your homework or gives you a compliment, ALWAYS say thank you. Manners cost nothing.

17. If you've kept your childhood best friend. Keep them forever; you're both SO lucky.

18. Wearing stilettos to a Wetherspoons will result in a broken rib. Avoid this scenario.

19. Everyone will judge you. It's part of being human. Learn to just ignore it and focus on what actually matters to you.

20. Everything happens for a reason. You're meant to be where you are right now. Someone up there has a plan for you. Have some faith in that.


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