April 2019 Beauty Favourites (and eco friendly ways to dispose of empties)

April has been an extremely busy month for me. Not only have I started the soul-destroying process of revision (ok, its not that bad), but I've had a lot of events and other commitments happening that have kept me occupied. I thought I would put together a list of the things I've enjoyed using or experiencing this month, and hopefully it will inspire some of you to try some of the items out! Most of the items on this list are beauty-related products, purely because these are the things I tend to use on a daily basis and therefore have quickly come to love.
On a little side-note, seeing as my last post about being environmentally friendly was really well received, I thought it would be worth mentioning that when you've finished with any beauty product, try not to throw the packaging into landfill waste. If it can be recycled, ensure you put it in the correct bin or you could even try and find another handy use for it as a container of some sort. For example, when you're finished with a mascara, keep the wand as a spooley or even better, donate your old wands to Wands For Wildlife, where they can be put to good use.

Additionally, try purchasing eco-friendly products that are cruelty free or that are organic, such as Tropics products, which are all organically made without nasty chemicals that pollute our planet.

Tropics has been my savour skincare brand for a long while now, thanks to a friend of my mum introducing it to us. I often find I get blemishes when I'm feeling particularly stressed, so this revision period has exacerbated some bad and even painful breakouts. Fortunately, this face mask has been my lucky charm when it comes to treating my skin as it clears up any pimples within a few days - I just whack some of this bad boy onto my T zone and other problem areas and voila! My spots disappear and I am once again a very happy woman.
Tropics pride themselves on creating cruelty-free products, using ingredients that are naturally sourced and not harmful for our planet.

Sometimes I wonder where my love and adoration for fake eyelashes suddenly came from and then I remember my best friend is the culprit. Once she introduced me to the power of falsies, I haven't been able to look back. When I have a big night out or an event of some sort, no look is complete without my eyelashes. Eylure has continued to be my go-to brand, as they offer so many different varieties that are suitable for most occasions and you can get a lot of wear from a single pair (provided you look after them with care). I have been loving the 105 variation the most, as they are beautifully lengthening and elegant, making me feel utterly glamorous when I wear them.
Don't forget to recycle the packaging, as the plastic used is widely recycled.

As I've had quite a few birthday parties and other nights out this April, there have been plenty of opportunities to dress up and fully go all out. I've really been enjoying using the BOD Mermaid Shimmer Sorbet on my body as it gives me a shimmery sparkle, which looks fabulous under lights. If you're wearing this and dancing around underneath disco lights or something similar, the light will catch on the flecks of glitter and give you an iridescent glow - what more could you want!? If my legs are on show I'll slap a bit onto those as well just to give myself that extra shine, otherwise I'll just stick to slathering it over my décolletage and arms. What's more, it smells fabulous too!

It's taken me a long time to fall in love with another mascara since I discovered Better Than Sex by Too Faced a couple of years ago. My previous one has been by L'Oréal and whilst it did the job, I wasn't completely satisfied with my lashes' appearance. However, I was given the Benefit Bad Gal Band mascara as a birthday gift and when I first used it this month, I couldn't believe the length it was giving to my natural lashes! Just a few coats of this mascara makes it look like I'm wearing false lashes (it's no joke, I've been asked if I'm wearing any!), which has made me extremely happy with the result! It's extremely long lasting (you can party until the lights come on!) and smudge-proof so you don't have to worry about ruining your lashes if you accidentally rub your eyes. I would highly recommend this mascara to those who want elongated lashes on a daily basis without needing to use falsies.
When you're finished with your mascara, donate your wands to Wands For Wildlife, a nonprofit organisation who use old mascara wands to remove larva and harmful objects from the fur of wild animals.

Another consequence from studying hard during this time is fatigue and feeling stressed and exhausted a lot of the time. I'm not the best sleeper either, so pair the two together and you have a very tired, grumpy Chloé. Taking a Vitamin B Complex capsule once every morning has helped energise me a bit more so I can successfully get through the day and complete every task on my list. I have to admit, a part of me just believes it's all one big placebo, but even so, it's comforting knowing I'm nourishing my body with vitamins, even if I don't feel the effects straight away.
Instead of throwing the glass bottle away when I'm finished with it, I'll try and find another use for it such as storing my makeup brushes or pencils in.


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