Cannes Film Festival 2019 | My Favourite Looks

Cannes Film Festival is an occasion best known for celebrating the world of cinema. A red carpet surrounded by tall trees and accompanied by a coastal breeze, it doesn't get much more glamorous than that. As both a lover of fashion, France and more specifically, french cinema, this was absolutely an evening I did not want to miss.

The outfits that appeared on the carpet ranged from animal print culottes to fully fledged ballgowns, from sequins to lace and from black through to white. Here is a list of my favourite looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2019:

Elle Fanning wearing Valentino

Now, I am an absolute sucker for a floaty dress. For real. It's all I used to want to paint and draw in my art lessons. The layered sleeves on this dress are so daintily beautiful, almost giving off an angelic allure. The low cut neckline is classy and balances out the fullness of the skirt. I think the fabric is absolutely stunning; although florals aren't the most groundbreaking trend for Spring (hmm, I wonder where that train of thought came from? #mirandapriestly), the intricacy of the embroidery, the colour palette and even spread of flowers all over the gown all make for what is my absolute favourite outfit of this year's festival.

Bella Hadid wearing Dior

The sheer simplicity of this dress is what makes it so captivating. The somewhat unique neckline paired with a perfectly done but not-so-done updo really allows Hadid's lithe figure to be displayed in a subtle, classy way. The layered ruffles add a beautifully dimensional texture, again looking somewhat of an angel floating down the carpet; the translucent nature of the dress also amplifying this image. You can just imagine the layers of fabric slightly catching an ocean breeze as she walks the carpet, which I think is simply stunning.

Guan Xiao Tong wearing Atelier Versace

I'm not going to lie, I don't know who this woman is and I don't know what she is famous for, but what I do know is that I ADORE her dress. I'm quite partial to a bit of glitz here and there, and the beaded embellishment on the bodice are so intricate and ornate, it's hard to not get mesmerised by it's beauty. The dress' silhouette is complimenting and feminine, with a delicate pattern adorning the beautiful full bodied skirt. A no-frills low bon paired with statement earring will also always be one of my favourite looks. 

Diana Penty in Nedret Taciroglu

Give me feathers, a bit of glitz and a soft pink colour palette and I am on board. Again, this is one of the more extravagant gowns on the carpet, but everything about this dress is so eye-catching and almost entrancing.

Aja Naomi King wearing Zac Posen

Again, here we have a similar silhouette to that of the first dress. A low cut neckline enhances King's beautiful, feminine d├ęcolletage but is also balanced out with voluminous sleeves and a ball gown skirt. The coral colour of this dress compliments King gorgeously and the textured fabric adds a little va-va-voom. Once again, a simple, tied-back hairstyle and some statement earrings finish off the look in a perfectly polished and subtly glamorous way.


  1. I am really impress with Aja Naomi King's attire, really unique colour and different style!
    The Chain Hut

    1. Yes she looks absolutely breathtaking! I agree it's such a flattering silhouette and a beautiful colour!


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