Chalet Getaway To Mont Tremblant

One of the best things about living in the province of Quèbec is the natural colours that appear over the course of the seasons. Autumn is upon us and with the change in seasons brings a transformation in the palette of the scenery around us; the green on the trees morphs into brilliant shades of orange and red, providing the most vibrant, perfect backdrop to our October. This weekend, myself and my group of friends joined forces with another group of exchange students to take a little road trip to Mont Tremblant, where we could enjoy a charming chalet getaway.

The road trip started as our last one to Toronto did - we got the rental car (big up the 8 seater Kia) and took our favourite seats in that absolute monster of a vehicle. Luckily, the trip was a short 2 hours and we had our resident shotgunner assume to role of DJ, providing us with tune after tune. As we approached the end of the highway and turned off towards Labelle, we were all gawking at the beautiful, warm colours of the trees that lined the roads and the sunset that cast a golden glow over the whole panorama. A quick stop at the SAQ and supermarket had us kitted out with all the food and alcohol we could need to enjoy our weekend away.

We spent a good while trying to locate our chalet - it was tucked away off a private road that proved an absolute mission to find, however, as we got our bearings and pulled into the driveway, we were utterly gobsmacked at the size and the beauty of the chalet. We spent a good while trying to get over our excitement - every corner we turned provided us with a pleasant surprise - a hot tub, a pool table, the incredible view, the MAHUSIVE bedrooms - we couldn't believe we were staying in this insanely glorious place. Soon after our arrival, the oven was on and burgers being flipped, so we enjoyed a cosy family dinner together under the warm glow of the fire that the boys had created.

The evening was spent soaking in the glorious hot tub - one of the highlights was looking up at the midnight black sky and observing the multitude of stars that dotted the sky, twinkling in the dark. It was genuinely beautiful - barely any light pollution meant that there were SO many stars - something that I hadn't witnessed in a long while. We decided to get an early night that evening as we planned to get up at 6.30 am to watch the sunrise.

The next morning, we were jolted awake by my friend's alarm (that Radar ringtone is probably the most offensive sound in the world), and rushed to the terrace to watch the sun rise. We were not disappointed - there was a layer of cloud that hung just below the mountains, casting gorgeous rays of light. I went back to sleep for another few hours afterwards, and woke up later feeling a little more human. We decided to leave at 10am for our hike that day, so we could enjoy the sunny weather and have the afternoon to rest. Being the most physically challenged person (I rarely work out), it was actually so refreshing to embark upon a difficult hike - some of the inclines were very steep but it felt good to get my body moving again. The views were absolutely sensational and we stopped at every viewpoint to admire it from above.

Once we arrived back at the chalet from the hike, we enjoyed the last sun rays that cast over the outdoor balcony and rested up from our challenging hike. Our friend Elice cooked us a fabulous dinner and we sat together and enjoyed the delicious concoction. The evening was spent partying away in our chalet - I went through a 1.5l bottle of rosé that went down an absolute treat and ended up with me sleeping like an absolute log through the night. The next morning, we cleaned up the chalet so as to leave it in an acceptable condition, and began our journey at home - making an essential pitstop at McDonalds (even though they didn't have Reece's McFlurrys) to see us through.

We had a genuinely incredible weekend, with mesmerising views, gorgeous weather and the best company I could have asked for. 

Click HERE for the link to the chalet we stayed in.


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