Top 5 Trends From Paris Fashion Week SS20

As I sit here typing away from my bedroom in Montréal, it seems very bizarre to be talking about Spring/Summer fashion, as we are slowly but very surely descending into winter. Every single day here brings a few drops in the degree temperature and so I am starting to shiver in my boots. (Yes, I know I am from the U.K and should therefore be accustomed to adverse weather but hey ho, my body just wasn't made for the cold).

Paris Fashion Week has been in full swing from 23rd September up until October 1st, bringing us a plethora of new, delightful trends that will appear next season. As we nestle further into our chunky knit sweaters and embrace the chilly weather that encroaches upon us, these trends seem a far cry to us, but before we know it, it will be spring time and these trends will start appearing in our wardrobes. Here are my top 5 favourite trends from the SS20 catwalks at Paris Fashion Week:

Whimsical Florals

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. We all know that famous quote, but honestly, when will florals never not be appropriate for spring? Next year, we will evidently be seeing very whimsical, romantic florals, as opposed to ditsy prints or bold, D&G-esque flowers printed onto our garments. I personally love this trend, as I think it's so beautifully feminine and what better way to celebrate nature coming into full bloom than to emulate the flowers around you? It's called camouflage, people.

Christian Dior



Polka Dot Print

There's no denying it; polka dots are practically perfect in every way. What's not to love about this print? It's cute, adds interest to any outfit, and looks great in monochrome, so you can really channel your Cruella De Ville vibes. I particularly adore Sacai's approach to this print, as different sized polka dots mixed together within the same outfits adds a layer of dimension that spruces up any outfit.



Haider Ackermann

Showstopping Shoulders

To be quite frank with you, I've never fallen in love with the bold shoulder trend. Thank god I'm a 90s baby, not an 80s (I mean, I was born in 99, so I just made it). However, they do seem to be making recurring comebacks and next season, we're not just experiencing bold shoulder-pads, but the silhouettes themselves are daring, voluminous and just outright crazy. I think styled correctly, a bold shoulder could actually look extremely fabulous, especially if the outfit is simple or monochrome, like the Valentino look below.

Alexander McQueen



White Texture

Now, I feel like the general population have a love/hate relationship with white because, on the one hand, it just looks so crisp, clean and chic, however on the other hand, it provides a blank canvas on which you can clumsily spill all of your food and there is absolutely no way you can candidly conceal a stain on an all-white outfit. Big no no. However, when ruffles or any other layered texture comes into play, such as demonstrated by this trend, you can have outfits that aren't as crisp and scary, but a little more fun and more for the eye to enjoy. Rest assured nobody will be looking at your ketchup stain if you've got some fabulous ruffles cascading down your blouse.

Dries Van Noten

Christian Dior


Golden Girl

If you've always wanted to feel like a walking Oscar award, this is the trend for you. We all love a metallic, whether it be for a dazzling party dress or for a mere accessory to spice up an outfit, adding a bit of shine never hurt anybody. The theme of this trend tends to be golden dresses with texture that makes you look like a quality street wrapper, so if that's the vibe you want to go for and you take pride in looking like a toffee penny, you might want to invest in this trend.




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