How to: Be Parisian

One of my favourite EARLY Christmas presents I received this year was the book entitled 'How to be Parisian'. My friend, Nancy, who bought it for me knows how much I adore Paris, and everything French (lets face it-everybody knows..) so this book is like my bible. 

The authors are Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Anne Berest. In the book, these 4 Parisiennes give guides on how to do everything in a French manner. Whether its first date tips or how to approach the gym, they have it all covered, and as I turned each page, I could feel my inner Parisienne spark to life, inspiring me even more, which is why I adore this book.

I had already decided, a long while ago, that I should have been french..(Parisian to be exact). I am absolutely, totally and completely infatuated by the language, culture and city. Everything about it fascinates me and when I voyage over to France, I know it's where i'm meant to be. It's incredible to have something that I am so passionate about, which is why I encourage everyone I come across to obsess over their obsession. So everyday, as I spritz my Chanel No.5 on my wrists and listen to Fondu au Noir by Cœur de Pirate (my favourite song currently) I embrace my love for all things French.

So here's a few things my brain gained from giving this book a read:
1. Nonchalance is key
2. Being a snob over some things is perfectly O.K
3. Make your man jealous so he falls for you even more
4. Throw lots of intimate dinner parties
5. Cherish your girl-friends (not that I don't already, but's important..)
6. Embrace your signature fashion item-wear it like its protection

If you are anything like me and adore everything French, I would totally recommend purchasing this book HERE from Urban Outfitters. 


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