So finally, with days and days of waiting eagerly now behind us, the big, festive day has arrived! IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I don't know about you, but I got a variety absolutely beautiful and amazing presents this year, much to my excitement; and I thought I would share the gifts I received.

3Doodler and coloured filaments
I had asked for this amazing gift because I am always creating and crafting so this invention is like gold to me. It enables you to draw 3D structures in the air, with plastic filament that cools instantly, so you can draw right into thin air..GENIUS! I will certainly be crafting a lot with this so look out for some of my creations to come!
For link to website, click HERE.

Topshop Voucher
Of's the beloved Topshop voucher. Classic gift, yet very much appreciated. I cannot wait to use it to purchase new garments fromTopshop as it's my favourite high street store!
For link to website, click HERE.

CareBear Onesie
My incredible godmother knows me so well. Onesies are (and I'm sure everyone would agree with me) so snuggly and amazing to wear. So of course I was delighted to unwrap this adorable CareBear onesie which is so girly and comfortable-PERFECT!
For link to website, click HERE.

Jewellrey and Hair Accessories
Having short hair is so much fun and I love accessorising it so it always looks interesting. So receiving lots of headbands and various clips and hair slides was perfect. I also a got beautiful pair of Pandora earrings from my sister.
For link to Pandora's website, click HERE.
For link to Claire's website, click HERE.
For link to Topshop FREEDOM website, click HERE.
For link to Accessorise website, click HERE.

Beyonce HEAT Fragrance
I am obsessed with perfume. Without it, I feel naked so it was a complete joy to open this perfume my best friend bought for me. It smells absolutely amazing and lasts for a long time as it is a large 100ml bottle full.
For link to website, click HERE.

Tan Platform Heels
Shipped all the way from Cyprus, these shoes were mailed to my house and I was amazed when i teared open the paper to reveal these kicks! Perfect for me, these glam heels are perfect for nights out so my New Years' outfit preparations are definitely underway..

Meteor Microphone
Because I write and create my own songs, I was eager to get a microphone so I can record my lyrics in good conditions to finish off my tracks. I have yet to use it, but I am super excited to see how it comes out!
For link to website, click HERE.

So as I sit here in my snazzy onesie, I hope you, in the words of Burl Ives, HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS, and I hope you have all had an amazing celebration as we venture into the journey that is the New Year celebrations! 


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