Vogue Fashion Festival

Being an ardent fashionista, the Vogue Fashion Festival was the place for me to be on this drizzly weekend. Despite the grey clouds looming over South Kensington, the atmosphere in the Royal College of Art was buzzing and inspiring.

I atended a talk entitled 'So you want to be in fashion?'. it consisted of Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue editor-in-chief), Helen Davis (Harrods fashion director), designer Simone Rocha and Yasmin Sewell, a fashion consultant. Alexandra Shulman interviewed these three lovely ladies who went on to disclose how they broke into the industry. Super inspiring. I left the talk feeling determined as ever to pursue a fashion career, with my environment fuelling this drive.

After the talk, I had access to all the events in the foyer. This included a makeup bar, courtesy of Bobbi Brown, a Vogue Shop and T-shirt customisation, mini spa, nail parlour and a chance to star on your own vogue cover! These tempting activities lured me to them, so I experienced most of them.

The manicurist coated my short nails in a lilac polish with sparkly cuticle decoration. Nail transfers of letters spelling V O G U E were applied, too. This left my nails lovely and fresh for the rest of the exciting day ahead. Talking to skin care expert who also writes for Vogue, I learned how to take care of young skin and how brands' regimes are so important to use.

Makeup artists gave us 10 minute lessons on how to apply makeup to a chosen area. I chose my eyes as I am constantly learning how to apply eyeshadows in different ways. My wonderful makeup artist, Michelle, showed me how to do a smokey eye, but starting with the darkest where you do your top eyeliner and blending upwards. The Bobbi Brown products were so pigmented and didn't rub off the whole day.

Lastly, I had Chanel makeup applied to my face and my pick of Chanel accessories! For me, this was absolute paradise. Posing in front of the camera with my grandmother (also a fashionista) was so much fun, and we got an amazing print from it, too.

The experience was definitely one of the most inspiring. From the heart of the best fashion magazine, this event was a dream come true.


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