Yellow: it's your time to shine!

The trend for Spring 2015 definitely won't go unnoticed. Why? Because this season's most fashionable colour is yellow. One of the most daring colours that there is on the palette. 

Appearing on the runway, the SS15 collections had a recurring theme running through them. The colour yellow underpinned many of the collections, with garments fashioned from all different shades and using different materials. 

Pairing yellow with other colours and style of garment is a tricky situation to be in. Not many of us have dared to venture into the bright world that is yellow, however, this season, it will be impossible not to.

Michael Kors

This Kors concoction is absolutely beautiful. The use of complementary colour between the mustard yellow and brown and pale blue create an eye catching, but more subtler feel. The skirt is definitely the focal point of the outfit, with bring floral embellishments in mustard yellow and a lighter cadmium yellow, with green shades mixed in to give a balance. The busy, vivid yellows in contrast with the pale blue, plain shirt to create a unique piece with an enchanting beauty to it.


 This Balmain beauty is a very feisty look, very different to the aforementioned look. The yellow used as the base colour is very brightly pigmented, as opposed to a more orange toned shade. Incorporating bold, black striped patterns creates a great contrast between the black and yellow,making it yellow stand out even more. The colour scheme and pattern, paired with the shape of the dress creates a very 'sassy' look which is very daring. Paired with some killer, laced heels, it is a very fiery outfit, definitely Balmain style.


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