Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition

The beautiful legacy of Gabrielle Chanel filled all corners of each room at the Saatchi Gallery for the exclusive Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition. White walls lines with black emulated the classic monochrome of the Chanel symbol and packaging while other rooms had soft, white drapes hanging from the ceiling to create an ethereal effect as we journeyed through the brain behind Chanel.

We meandered out way through a white room filled with white hats and old-fashioned packaging with Gabrielle Chanel's name displayed elegant on each round box. Black illustrations littered the walls, emulating hats and the face of Coco Chanel. It was a truly elegant room that echoed the elegance of Chanel herself.

We then walked into a room where the iconic Chanel No.5 fragrance was displayed. Big barrels of different coloured liquids had lids that opened and closed, revealing the production of the fragrance. Ironically, the only bottle of chanel was the tiniest item in the room, in it smallest form.

Exquisite, intricately made dresses were next, displayed in a dark room with the only source of light being the luminous white poles through the transparent crocus holding the dress. The handiwork in the embellishments of the gowns was truly magnificent and the finest quality materials were used, as they were perfectly placed and well put together.

Finally, the beautiful 'bijoux de diamante' followed in all its glory. Dazzling articles of jewellery were perfectly placed, light sending a myriad of glistening rainbows all over the room. From necklaces to cigarette holders, the diamond-encrusted items were beautiful. Around the room were photos of Karl Lagerfeld's muses, displaying the jewellery and giving us an insight to who Karl Lagerfeld loves and is inspired by.


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