St Albans Fashion Week 2015

On Thursday 29th October at 7.30pm I seated myself 2nd row to the front from the catwalk in St Albans Abbey. I was very familiar with the Abbey as my school holds services there often, however, I had never experienced a catwalk in the beautiful, archaic building. 

The pieces showcased were from local companies and retailers and also graduates from a local college, also. The likes of French Connection, Jigsaw, D. Copperfield and many more were there with models strutting down the sleek, white catwalk.

I particularly loved the bridal portion of the show because beautiful embellishments were used on all the garments which sparkled under the lights, a beautiful sight. I also loved the French Connection Womenswear because it was on trend and had a mixture of different outfits for different occasions.

The fashion show was a great success and I felt proud to be supporting the retailers in the town I feel so fondly for.

Cancer Research UK
  • vivid colours which contrast for extra vibrancy
  • rounded sunglasses give a retro appeal
  • a full A-line skirt highlights the 70's era
  • a royal blue colour fits with the occasion wear colour theme
  • gloves enhance femininity
  • the slimline skirt shows off feminine curves and adds a chic, sophisticated feel
  • same-coloured accessories give a 'pop' of colour to an all black ensemble
  • the fiery red pigment adds a flirty playfulness
  • the juxtaposition of a warm colour with accessories meant for winter gives a contemporary twist
  • the beret adds a touch of parisian chic
  • the train was adorned with feathers for a pure, light theme
  • the length of the skirt gives the dress elegant movement
  • the short skirt contrasted with a very long train gives a modern twist the classic white gown
  • light, pastel plaids give a young style to the dress
  • the white collar adds a more casual element 
  • the headpiece is in a pastel colour which is becoming popular for S/S 16 - on trend


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