An outfit for an 18th Birthday Bash

The 7th of September is the birthday of my best friend of 14 years. This glorious year, she turned 18 which is actually a rather scary concept seeing as we have known each other since the tender age of 4.

Naturally, a big birthday bash was thrown for my best friend in a charming marquee in her garden. It was so beautiful and well-organised I didn't even recognise that we were in her back yard. It was a fantastic night filled with great music, some rather questionable dancing and some rather snazzy-looking outfits.

Because this was my first 18th birthday party I have attended, plus it was my best friend's birthday, I decided to buy a new party dress just for the occasion. I wanted it to be elegant yet suitable for an 18th party. I went to the Mall of Cyprus during my holiday and after what seemed hours of trying on dresses which were unsuccessful, I finally chose a dusky pink midi dress from Topshop.

What I love about the dress is that it can be worn to many different occasions. I personally think it would be perfect for a wedding or a christening celebration but it also has the party vibe going on, which I do find fabulous.

This is how I styled my outfit:


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