How To: Style Short Hair

Having short locks can sometimes feel restrictive when it comes to fun hairstyles. If you feel like this, look no further because I have styled a few ways to rock your short hair.

What you will need:

Bobby Pins
Hair Accessories
Hair Curlers 

Here is my youtube video showing the method for each style:

Style 1: A 'funky' plait

Take a section of your hair by your parting, divide into 3 and plait normally. When you have come to the end of your plait, grab the two outside strands and pull them 'up' the middle one, creating this 'funky' braid. Use a bobby pin to secure to the side of your head. Simples.

Style 2: A 'hidden' braided headband

Create a side parting and, using your thumb and index finger, take a section of hair from your parting down to your ear so you have a panel of hair. Tie the rest up in a pony tail to get it out of the way. Starting from as close to the parting as you can get, either french braid or dutch braid the panel of hair, ensuring you have incorporated every last strand of hair in the section. Secure behind your ear with a bobby pin and let your hair down.

Style 3: A High Ponytail (with accessories)

Tilt your head back and grab as much hair as you can and scrape into a high ponytail. All of the bits falling down the back, section in half and twist both halves and pin at the back of your head so they're up and out of the way. Use bows or scrunchies to accessorise your beautiful ponytail!

Style 3: Braided Crown with Parting

Create a side parting and take small sections from either side of the parting and either french or dutch braid them down your hairline. Make sure they do not go up and back on your head, they must stay close to your hairline to give the 'crown' effect. Secure each braid behind your ear and let your hair loose.

Style 4: CURLS!!

Thanks to Xtava Five in One Curling Iron, I was able to curl my hair extremely well and I could choose from 5 different barrels to give me different sized curls! I chose the wand iron and resulted in beauty ringlets. LOVE! 


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