Autumn Essentials 2016

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I mean.. who hates Autumn? I generally love the colder months as I find nothing more relaxing than snuggling up in front of a cozy fire with a cup of something warm. 

Autumn brings lots of crisp, cold mornings, halloween and beautiful golden colours spreading through the natural environment. Therefore, baring all of this in mind, I have fashioned a list of my absolute must-haves during autumn time this year.

1. A Bobble Hat

Bobble Hats are my favourite style of hat during the colder months. Theres nothing more adorable than a fabulous dollop of fluffiness on top of your head..don't you agree?

My Favourite bobble hat this year is my BKLYN Hat. Click HERE to see the review I did of this hat.

2. A Purple Lipstick

Purple/Deep Red lipsticks are absolutely perfect to wear during autumn time. As our natural surroundings turn golden brown, there's nothing more pleasing than adding a dash of berry tones to the scene.

I have been adoring my MAC lipstick, which is called 'Quelle Surprise'. 

3. Gold Jewellery

I find that silver jewellery is a lot more suited to the winter because of the 'coldness' of the metal. To me, gold/bronze jewellery is a lot warmer tonally and matches the colour of the leaves outside.

4. A Profound Novel

This one may sound strange, however, during the summer it's a lot nicer to go for a more light-hearted read to enjoy under the sun. When autumn hits, I like to whip out an intensely deep novel to sink my teeth into. Preferably in French for me, though.

My ultimate novel for this fall is 'Un Certain Sourire' by Fran├žoise Sagan

5. Shawn Mendes' Illuminate Album

This album has completely blown me away and there's something so pleasing about the acoustic vibe of most of the tracks. A guitar to me just sings the song of Autumn.


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