Unboxing a Halloween 'Tricks and Treats' Box

Halloween is a fantastic celebration and is a fantastic way to wrap up Autumn and welcome Winter. Every year I try to be as seasonal as I can, whether its by dressing up or decorating various rooms or objects and I find it immensely fun to do.

This halloween I was very kindly sent a 'Tricks and Treats' date night box by JustUsBox. Every month, JustUsBox devises a new theme for their date night box and fills it with all sorts of goodies. This October, their theme was Halloween (how fitting) and inside the box were various decorations and games to have fun with.

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The packaging is absolutely beautiful and I found it extremely exciting to unwrap all of the goodies inside! It's such a fantastic idea to share with a loved one and can provide so much entertainment.

Inside the box was a booklet with lots of fun little games to try out. Each time you complete a challenge, you either receive a trick or a treat which were extremely creative and provide so much entertainment. (My favourite was the silly string).



 The box also came with 2 halloween-inspired masks to wear as you play. I though this added a really fn, creative touch and overall I think the date box idea is super fun and imaginative.


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