2 Interview Outfits

Dressing for interviews is always a fairly hard task. Whether its a job interview or an interview for university, it's essential that you look the part and express yourself through what you decide to wear. This week I have been having interviews at Keble College, Oxford for a place to read French.

The best way I try to look interview-ready is by avoiding black or a monochrome colour palette. I personally prefer to add a pop of colour to stand out and I feel more comfortable with something colourful on. I also don't feel very comfortable in jeans, so I much prefer to opt for a skirt or a dress with tights and nice shoes.

Accessory-wise, I really like to wear interesting earrings. Collecting unique jewellery from different places around the world has become an accidental hobby of mine and I really enjoy wearing them. The two pairs of earrings I chose to wear were both bought from market stalls - my favourite place to purchase jewellery!

Here are the outfits I wore to my interviews at Oxford University:

Wednesday 8th December

Shirt: H&M
Denim Dungaree Dress: Topshop
Earrings- Peru Market Stall

Thursday 8th December

Polo neck Jumper: Primark
Plaid Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Cyprus Market Stall
Shoes: Dr Marten


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