A Week in Rhodes

Booking my summer holiday with the boyf this year was an extremely last minute affair as things such as finances, uni work and just general business acted as obstacles along the way. Searching for last minute holiday deals was not only rather stressful but also disheartening as we didn't have much of a vast selection to choose from.

The day that we committed to booking a holiday, we were set on a deal by Jet2Holidays that appeared to be our best bet. However, when sitting down together to book, Myles had stumbled across an even better deal by Tui that included a beautiful-looking resort in Rhodes and an all inclusive package (I cannot compromise on unlimited snacks on holiday). Bingo. Boyfriend points to him.

We were so delighted with the sound of this package so we booked it straight away (right after I phoned my mum in a fluster making sure she approved first because after all, Mother knows best). We selected our seats and printed our boarding passes, eagerly anticipating the 29th August; our departure date.

Despite having to travel from London Stansted Airport (what a trek), the journey to Rhodes was smooth and uneventful, with nothing but excitement getting in our way. We were greeted at Rhodes airport by Tui representatives who showed us to our transfer buses and we reached the Eden Roc hotel very swiftly.

The resort was nothing short of a gem that poised elegantly on the east coast of the island. Situated in the town of Kallithea, we had such fantastic and effective routes to Rhodes Town, Faliraki and Kolymbia, which were all places that we were determined to visit for different adventures. We spent the first few days roasting nicely on our sun-beds by the pool whilst guzzling down all of the drinks we possibly could. We were rather taken aback at the saltwater pool, as we weren't expecting the taste of salt to greet us when diving (canon-balling for me) in. Nevertheless, swimming in the pool was still great fun.

On the Friday evening we were persuaded by the animation team (who were absolute blasts, by the way) to go clubbing in the town of Faliraki. After a while of debating whether it was a good idea, we decided to bite the bullet and make the most of the opportunities that presented themselves. Exploiting the unlimited cocktails (and champagne...yum!) before setting off put us in a good headspace for the upcoming night. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by Faliraki as a town. I got some serious Ayia Napa blues, as it really reminded me of my girls holiday back in Summer 2017. Overall, the vibe was just as we could have hoped and I can proudly confirm that I danced until I virtually dropped. Always a sign of a glorious evening. 

Since one of my best friends was out in Kolymbia, Rhodes on a season, we decided to visit her in her Mark Warner resort for a little reunion. Navigating the bus and the long walk to the resort was somewhat of a nightmare, but seeing my friend was absolutely worth the trek. Fortunately, she was able to take us for a wakeboard lesson, where she taught us the ropes (excuse the pun) of the sport and even gave us an impressive demonstration herself. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to be out on the water with her and we were unbelievably happy to see her again. 

On our penultimate evening we felt compelled to go on a little yacht trip at Sunset to the Old Town of Rhodes. We paid €30 each and we felt as though it was worth every penny. We arrived at the pier at 6.45 and boarded shortly after, climbing up to the top deck of this charming little yacht. Despite the wind being unbearably unyielding (lipgloss and wind is NOT an ideal combo, ladies), the boat trip was absolutely charming and we got to witness the extraordinary sunset from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. it doesn't get more blissful than that. When we arrived in the Old Town, we went, as a couple, to explore the busy streets. After browsing through many beautiful shops and stalls, our stomachs decided that it was time for a bite. We found a beautiful, traditional taverna tucked away in a little side street and ordered some Pastichio and Gemista, two very traditional and delicious dishes (and we had a right giggle trying to get Myles to pronounce them correctly). We enjoyed a spectacular evening, which was the perfect way to end our trip.

Exploring Rhodes island was even more incredible than I had imagined. Being surrounded by Greek culture truly makes me feel at home and we couldn't have chosen a better resort to enjoy our time at. I would highly recommend Rhodes to anyone who is interested in island-hopping as there is so much to explore and many potential adventures to be had.


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