Top 4 Bags for University Students

As University semesters commence this month, the students among us are embarking on our next year studying at University. Whether you're an excited fresher about to launch into the experience of a lifetime or you're a seasoned student going back to routine, the beginning of term always feels like a new leaf being turned over, the slate wiped clean and a fresh start.

If you're one of those students that buys all the necessary textbooks or even if you download them for free from some dodgy site (anyone else?) on your laptop, it's essential to have a handy bag or rucksack to keep all of your resources in so you're ready and prepared for your lectures and seminars. I thought I'd share with you the best 5 bags that you can use to carry your essentials around campus. After all, carrying your laptop in your arm on a rainy day is far too stressful so a bag is of paramount importance. Moreover, it's a good idea to invest in a little bag to take with you on nights out as you'll be doing this often and one soon gets bored of dropping ones phone and ID in the club because it's in ones hand the whole time. Trust me.

1. The (ever-so-slightly posh) Tote : Le Pliage Bag by Longchamp

You may recognise these bags from the avid travellers among us who take this as a carry on, or even hung classily from the shoulders of all the posh mothers who spend their afternoons chit-chatting away in a fancy coffee house (sound familiar?). However, these bags are genuinely convenient for carrying around campus as they're spacious, durable and they go with any outfit due to their simple design. They have enough space to fit in your textbooks, folders, laptops and stationery with maybe a little extra room for that ever-so-essential nutrigrain bar to carry you through your 5pm lecture (trust me, you get hungry in those late ones). They come in a wide array of colours to choose from and, better yet, you can get them at a discounted price if you head to Bicester Outlet Village to purchase one.

2. The Two-Strapper : Dawson Backpack by Herschel

This trusty backpack has compartments for your every need, making it one probably of the most nifty bags around. Again, this is a good option for carrying around campus if you're not so hot for the one-shoulder tote bag. There's enough room for all of your necessities and I reckon you could squeeze many more nutrigrains into these gainful little front pockets. Now if that's not a bonus boys and girls, I genuinely don't know what is.

3. The Night Out Necessity : The Cross Body Bag

I wouldn't say there's a certain branded cross body bag that fits this occasion, as any one will do, as long as it functions properly and is rather small. You can score one of these bad boys from any high street store for a reasonable price and it will be a lifesaver on your nights out. They're useful, practical and they don't get in the way due to their small size...oh, and it will prevent you from losing your keys/phone/ID/purse. It's a win-win really.

4. The "Never Have To Pay 5p Again" Bag : Canvas Tote Bag

Again, there's not a specific brand you must go to in order to get your hand on one of these. You can even use your reusable Tesco bag if you wish. The aim of this is to make it super handy for you to go and do the food shop without having to keep purchasing plastic bags. Not only is it good for the environment, but it makes life a lot easier for us as we carry our pot noodles and tins of soup back to our kitchen. At a minuscule price, these are definitely worth getting - or keeping if your Uni provide you with them for free.


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