Top 10 Best Looks from LFW Spring 2019

Being one of the pinnacle moments in the fashion calendar, London Fashion Week is an eagerly anticipated event and this year proved to be no disappointment. Between the 14th and 18th of September, numerous designers showcased their newest collections, dazzling the eyes of the spectators.

I've put together a post full of the highlights from London Fashion Week to give you a short summary of what the collections looked like.

Bora Aksu

This dress from Turkish designer Bora Aksu captures the crux of romanticism and the utmost elegance. The navy blue stitching brings out striking patterns and details, which contrast nicely against the purity of the white body of the dress. The intricacy of the embroidery, paired with the delicate, white ruffle details add to the overall sense of daintiness that makes this dress so beautiful. The collar and pussy bow evoke a certain "school-girl" attitude, suggesting an innocence and youth to this look.

Matty Bovan

An explosion of colour, texture and creative confidence, this dress is a powerful statement made by the designer to open the show. Using layering to create the full skirt, the use of different textiles makes this dress an eclectic mélange of fun and boldness, which celebrates eccentricity. The tweed bodice is a nod in the direction of a more elegant, classic style, yet it is cleverly contrasted with colourful string material that points at a more contemporary use of fabric. The tulle underneath gives the skirt the full, dramatic shape and the use of this type of material hints at an unspoken elegance that just peeks through the bottom of the skirt, hinting at it subtle yet vital presence.


Halpern's entire collection is a bright and bold statement that includes a palette of predominantly primary colours. The shape of this dress is rather simple, with a mini skirt and a tunic-like top, however, the sweeping tail of fabric that cascades down the side adds some groovy elegance like a rainbow would to a clear sky. The juxtaposition of the patterned top and the striped skirt is a treat for the eyes as they seek out the shapes and colours, like a little game of tetris. There's something so innocently youthful about this look, whether it be the simple shapes or the child-like, colour-wheel palette but it just makes the outfit so cheerful and you can't help but feel a little happier when looking at it.


Take pink, a dash of embroidery and and ankle-grazing hem and you're onto a winner. Well...that's my humble opinion. This charming dress by Delpozo encapsulates the essence of true elegance with a little hint of fairy dust (thats the pink part). The floral-like embroidery adds such delicacy to the dress, paired with ruffled sleeves and a structured waist, this dress simply screams girly-girl. I adore the length of this dress as it's dainty and you can just imagine it swooshing quietly back and forth as the model parades down the catwalk. Utter perfection.

Peter Pilotto

Using a rich, opulent fabric for this look enables the cloak to look extremely grand and almost regal. The colours used in the fabric are striking and the blue fading into cream provides a beautiful background for the pink flowers to be placed against with emphasis. The white boning on the shorts gives them an almost pyjama-esque look and the cloak could be seen as a robe, which conjures up a comforting image of probably the worlds most beautiful pair of PJ's. This aside, the billowing cape paired with high waisted flippy shorts is an interesting concoction of garments that made for a really charming catwalk from Peter Pilotto.


This Victorian-style dress is a classic reference to past fashion, yet with a contemporary, modern twist. This timeless style can be recycled many times and still manages to look fresh and beautiful. The layered skirt and intricate textiles are a signature move from Erdem and the blue and white colour palette is simple yet summery, graceful and extremely feminine. The tiny little buttons down the front of the bodice add refined detail and are absolutely in keeping with the tone of this classic reference. I believe it's extremely important to draw inspiration from the past, which is why this dress is undeniably beautiful and a very significant look from the LFW Spring 2019 catwalk.

Julien Macdonald

Interestingly-shaped cut outs, metallic material and ring detailing all allude to a look that's perfect for a showgirl. You can just imagine J-Lo or Britney Spears sporting this look onstage due to the leotard body and striking shapes of the cut-outs.The long, billowed sleeve on the left arm adds drama and fanciness whilst the structured sharpness of the leotard is straight to the point and absolutely fierce.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

The hemlines of both the top and skirt are uneven, which gives a messy yet coordinated (is that even possible?) appearance to the look. Pairing a textured skirt in a block colour and a patterned top adds flair as there is always a part of this outfit that is interesting to look at with no detail left out. The brown belt that chinches in the waist make the ballooned sleeves even more dramatic and shapely, which is a very flattering silhouette to create.

Richard Quinn

The use of animal prints used for this look is bang on trend for this season as it's what we're currently seeing in shops right now, which is why our eyes are immediately drawn to it. The assortment of prints to create this look evokes a heightened creativity as opposed to sticking with just one print. Each portion of the jacket and trousers has it's own fierceness and the lines of the zebra print are almost hypnotic. This outfit is a crazy mix that aims to lure the eyes in and search out the familiar patterns that we associate with different wild animals and it makes it all the more exciting to look at.

Temperley London

The detail on this Temperley London creation is undoubtedly beautiful, with its exquisite intricacy and precision. The glamorous glitz of the sequins and the graceful flowers and other portrayals of nature make for a stunning combination to create the dress. The bird wing and flower petals are an artistic approach to creating a neckline and it's almost as if its painted on. The subtle pinks and nudes add a wonderful femininity to the dress as opposed to using brash, bright colours which, I feel, would detract from the dress's grandeur. The nude, netted skirt adds an almost bridal elegance and the rhinestones that adorn it are in keeping with the muted glamour of the entire look.


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