Looking back on 2015 and it's highlights.

For me, 2015 has been pretty amazing. Of course there have been ups and downs but thats inevitable and I have learnt and taken inspiration from many things. Another great year to say goodbye to but I welcome in 2016 with an open mind and positivity and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.

I set myself resolutions in 2015, so just to recap:

  • Start a YouTube Channel 
  • Try something new everyday
  • Join the Gym (AND STICK TO IT
  • Successfully complete my GCSE's

  • I proudly accomplished all these things and although I may not be to most committed gym member there ever was, I still did it and to be quite fair, the gym is not as horrendous as people make it out to be. I was absolutely elated with my GCSE results and was so proud of myself ad all of my friends and classmates because our hard work really paid off in the end. As I now tackle A Levels, I am just as motivated to work hard. My youtube channel has progressed since last year and I plan to expand and improve it.

    My resolutions for 2016:
    • Take the most from every opportunity
    • Do well in my Year 12 Summer exams
    • Stay Positive
    • Improve and take my singing further
    Highlights of 2015

    Visited the Maldives
    Wow. This holiday was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I will never forget it. It was truly paradise and it provided inspiration towards my art GCSE project.

    Went to Vogue Fashion Festival
    As a budding fashionista, I was in my element when at the Vogue fashion festival. I attended a talk given by 4 massive fashion names and I learnt a lot from it and felt truly inspired to achieve what it is I want.

    Passed my GCSE's with grades I am so proud of
    GCSE's were my first very important exams and the pressure was definitely on. I'm not the best at revising , but i did work really hard and motivated myself to achieve what I am capable on. When results day came, I couldn't believe the achievements of me and my friends and I am really proud.

    Ran in the Colour Obstacle Rush
    I have never completed anything quite like the Colour Rush and doing it with my best friends was the best experience. I will certainly remember the colourful mess we made in the taxi after completing the 5k run!

    Went to Prom
    Prom is something we look forward to from the age of 13. The whole process of buying the special dress and getting your hair and makeup professionally definitely lived up to the expectation. I took my boyfriend and my best friend to my prom, along with all my girlfriends, of course. It was a great night where we could all celebrate the end of GCSE's.

    Went to Cyprus with my best friends
    My sister had taken her best friends to the house in Cyprus 2 years before and I was so excited to do the same. We spent a whole week soaking up the sun and bonding and it was truly the most fun girly holiday!

    Played Glinda in The Wizard of Oz
    This was my first performance with Rare Productions and I am really happy that I auditioned. I met some brilliant, talented people and I loved playing a great part and had my dog, Timmy, playing Toto with me on stage.

    Visited New York
    New york was our summer family holiday before my sister went off to Uni. We spent the most incredible 2 weeks visiting iconic places and seeing amazing things.

    Started 6th Form
    Sixth Form is when you reach the top of the school and it something every student works towards. I entered sixth form with my best friends by my side and I chose my favourite subjects (which I am enjoying very much at the moment). I cannot wait to see what the rest of 6th form has in store!

    Got a Job
    I always wanted a part-time job when I turned 16 so i decided to go  and get myself one. I landed the role as a sunglass consultant at John Lewis and it is really fantastic t have that independent feeling I crave. 

    Saw Ellie Goulding at the Roundhouse
    Ellie Goulding is my idol, my favourite singer and my inspiration. Being able to see her perform and be so close was a magical experience.


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