My 17th Birthday

My birthday this year has been incredible as I have been celebrating turning 17! So many exciting adventure are yet to come whilst I'm this age and I am super excited! For starters, I am LEARNING TO DRIVE!?! This feels so weird for me because I remember my sister learning to drive like it was yesterday and I certainly do not feel old and mature enough to be controlling a vehicle on roads!

I went out to dinner with my family, grandparents and my best friend. We went to the most incredible restaurant called Sushi Samba, which is very close to Liverpool Street. The food was so different and delicious and we had the most amazing view of London as we were on the 31st floor!

I decided to make myself up for my meal out so I could truly celebrate in style. I wore a beautiful party top from River Island that my sister Emily gave me for Christmas. I love the material and the pattern of purple flowers is so elegant and the jewelled neckline gives it some sparkle..a definite must!

I wanted to match my eyeshadow with my top (there's nothing like colour coordination..right?) and I used my MAC 'Purple Times Nine' palette. The shades are so gorgeous and I love how pigmented they are because the colour shows up so boldly on my eyes. I created a smokey eye effect, using the lights colour in the corners of my eyelids and slowly blending it to the darkest shades, using the darkest purple on my crease.


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