Compass Necklace by AOLOSHOW Product Review

I am a jewellery hoarder and I enjoy collecting all different styles of jewellery and from a variety of brands. 

I was sent a necklace by AOLOSHOW on Amazon to give an honest review. I feel very fortunate to have received a piece of jewellery this way and it was a very exciting post collection.

I thought the packaging was really charming and would be perfect if you were ordering this as a gift for someone else. Although there was a slight dent in the bottom of the box (as seen in the picture above) it was safely packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

The size of the compass is very small, no bigger than your natural thumbnail. I tend to prefer jewellery where the feature is slightly bigger, however, its small size made it very dainty and delicate looking. Gold jewellery is also really beautiful and I don't have much of it so I am very pleased to add this to my expanding collection.

Personally, I think it wears very well in the sense that you can style it with a vast assortment of necklines. I think it would look lovely with a bardot neckline / off the shoulder top or perhaps a loose-fitted shirt.

If you like the look of this product, visit AOLOSHOW's amazon necklace collection HERE where you can choose from the compass style or even cactuses, trees and pineapple features!


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