My Fashion Faux Pas

Lets face it.. all of us have lived through the awkward stage of our lives where we seem to be 'incapable' of dressing ourselves decently. Whether it was in primary school, year 8 or even a recent fashion no-no, sometimes we wish we could be told what to avoid instead of being bombarded with information on what we 'should' wear.

I must say, in my 17 years, I have made one too many fashion mistakes and I hate to say that some are rather too recent for my liking. But hey ho, thats life and we all move on from it.. don't we..

I thought in this post I would share some of my most tragic fashion mistakes to provide you with some (hopefully) useful tips, tricks and probably a few giggles, too.

My Biggest Mistakes:

To start this all off, I thought I must include this one. I don't know what it was, but once I hit year 8 I whipped out the ever so tragic 'peace' sign and the pout to match. This is a regular occurrence so I must apologise. This was taken on a holiday to Turkey with my best friend and her family. I don't know why I decided to pair these two together, however, the (much too small) floral dress just does not go with the grey and salmon knitted cardigan. It isn't flattering silhouette-wise and the colours are just horrific together. Not a great moment, Chlo.

There are multiple things wrong with this photo on the whole. I, for some unknown reason, thought I would buy the famous 'Geek' sweatshirt from Topshop. It was an awful, embarrassing trend and I wish I never made that purchase. There's £25 I'll never see again. Secondly, I am blissfully unaware as to why I am gripping the ends of my hair like that. Am I trying to hide the split ends or what?

I must admit, when I was wearing this outfit, I remembered quite liking it. Oh dear. If you took the pieces and examined them separately, they aren't too bad, but I just think they look very, inexplicably bad when styled together. The garish green vest top underneath the tucked-in floral 'thing' just adds far too much colour and the jeans are already horrendously blue that it really doesn't need it. I threw the floral number away.

The visible socks, the leggings and denim shorts combo and the lumpy cable knit jumper are just pretty horrifying to look at. I can tell that I tried really hard with this outfit and even colour matched my jumper to the pinkness on my feet but oh dear lord that just doesn't go down well does it? Oh, and don't get me started on the denim on denim.

Do not wear two pairs of sunglasses, kids.

When wearing a body con midi skirt, one must NOT spread their legs. I think this should be made official common protocol and I think you can see why.

This one was taken 2 years ago when I was on a school trip to Antibes, France. I love this photo because it brings back hilarious memories and I do look like I am having the time of my life on that aubergine. But what is going on with my clothes? Again, the items separately are fine, but together....? For starters the trousers are actually pyjama bottoms and have no green in them whatsoever so the sweatshirt doesn't match at all. Also, I will never know what possessed me to wear long(ish) grey socks with Vans? Where were ankle socks when I needed them?

Stuffing netballs up your school jumper is NOT as good an idea as you think.

The main problem with this photo was the state of my hair. Having long hair can be problematic because it gets knotty and straggly during the day, however, I wish I brushed through my hair (at least with my fingers) to remove the horrible messy lump at the side. The shape of my hair is also rather questionable. The 'flicked over to one side' look can work really well and add volume and shape your face, however, in this instance it just created a horrible, unhealthy looking straggle of hair to the right hand side of my head.

This was taken 'fairly' recently when I was at the end of year 10. What befuddles me about this outfit is the belt and the shoes. They both match each other well but they do not actually match the dress which creates a nasty clash. There's already too much colour in the outfit already and I really shouldn't have added anymore. The earrings are also a step too far. It's just an overly colourful and garish look and I have never worn the dress since. Think twice before you buy.


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