Neosan Bikini Product Review

As the temperature is getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter, it is definitely time to start thinking about summer! Swimwear is definitely a key aspect of a summer holiday and I love to get my hands on a few nice bikinis before I go away.

I was very kindly sent a bikini in the colour of my choice by Neosan on Amazon. I chose the colour red as I don't currently own red swimwear and I must say it is very 'Baywatch'. Normally, I'm pretty sceptical about buying clothing items online purely out of fear that it will be the wrong size or just not look quite right. To my delight, this bikini was totally the opposite.

To start it all off, the packaging it came in was really safe and secure which I was very impressed with at the outset. Secondly, I received my package the day after I ordered it! Now thats I call speedy service, right?

The first impressions I got from the bikini were that the material was very high quality and I loved the softness. It's comprised of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex so it has that every-so-slightly shiny finish to it as a normal bikini does, but it is also so soft to the touch and therefore extremely comfortable.

Secondly, I was very happy with the stitching and pattern cutting. It's very often that stitches can be out of place, or the shape of the triangles aren't quite right but I cannot fault the flawless attention to detail.

Getting it on and off and adjusting it proved pretty easy thanks to the ties at the neck and back and sides of the bottoms. This gives room and leniency for adjustment if needed which is really useful. My only concern with that is the possibility that the ties may become loose or even worse.. undone (yes it's happened to me before). But then I came to the conclusion that it's not the bikini's fault, you just have to ensure that its been tied correctly and tightly. I think I can manage that.

So on the whole I must say that this is a really fantastic bikini choice from a very reliable and efficient brand. I would absolutely recommend buying from Neosan on Amazon to get some really great swimwear items for the highly anticipated summer holidays.


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