How to: Be a Savvy Shopper

ADJECTIVE (the oxford dictionary) (savviersavviest)

Shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgement:
'many of us pride ourselves on being savvy enough to spot a fake'

Shopping is definitely a much-adored hobby for many of us. Whether it's a little shop for a few bits 'n' bobs or a proper full blown haul, it's extremely important (I think) to know how to be effective both practically and cost-wise.

I would 100% regard myself a 'savvy shopper', no if's or but's. Sometimes I will make an impulsive purchase but I can assure you that it's a pretty rare affair and the item is most definitely worth it.

I have put together a little 'how-to' demonstrating the traits and actions of an efficient shopper in the hope that I will somewhat enlighten you all. 

*DISCLAIMER*  I am in NO way telling you not to have fun while shopping and splash out if it's truly what your heart desires. I must admit shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, however, I think it is very crucial to sometimes question what you're purchasing.

1. Think: Do I Need It?

This may seem like a straight forward concept and nobody thinks they're that silly to buy something useless, but I can assure you it happens a lot, even subconsciously! Always ask yourself 'Do I REALLY need this' and if the answer is NO, a very guilty you will put it down and move on. BAM, £££'s still left to spend on something much more worthwhile. 

Exhibit A

Definitely self explanatory as to why these were completely unnecessary purchase. Collectively I think they're worth £35! I have worn them once each. Oh dear.

2. Feel: 'Is it of a good enough quality?'

Again, it's a fairly obvious thing to check the quality of what you're buying, however, shops like to exploit you by asking for WAY too high a price for it. For example, a high street store may be selling a very lovely, very in-season cami top which you absolutely love. BUT... the material is thin, see-through and easily snagged yet they ask for £25? That is your cue to walk away. An exception is Primark. Some of primark's stuff isn't top notch quality, but it's extremely cheap so it's not too bad if you want to get say 4 wears out of something. 

3. Wait: SALE TIME

One of my little tricks is to just purely wait it out. If you're trying to score top marks on your patience skills, try this one. If something really lovely catches your eye and you think it would be a worthy addition to your wardrobe, take a picture of it and wait for it to go on sale. There are times where this tactic isn't the most effective as not all items go on sale, however, it's really rather brilliant. You can save up to 75% normally and you only have to wait a few months/weeks. 

Exhibit B:

This beautiful coat from Zara was originally £35. I got it for £10. If thats not a bargain then I really don't know what is! It's a really easily wearable coat that goes with so many styles of outfits and adds a pop of colour at the same time! 

4. Try: Shop in thrift shops

It's time to get your Macklemore (ft Ryan lewis) groove on and start mooching around vintage shops to save your cash and be as savvy as ever. Thrift shops can have real rubbish, but if you spend long enough, you can dig out some real gems. It may even have a cool history to it, too. My favourite thrift shop is East End Thrift Store, London. 

Exhibit C:

I scored this top from a thrift shop and it's originally from New Look. I think it's really cute and looks great with skinny black jeans and black heels for an evening look. It cost around £1


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