Old Vogue Magazines

Vogue magazine is absolutely iconic. No questions there. I am a fond supporter of Vogue and all of the work done by Condé Nast Publications. So when I was very kindly lent these old issues of Vogue, I was very grateful to receive them.

The issues are from 2005 and 2008 and are Italian Vogue. I currently study Italian so reading the features in each magazine was thoroughly interesting (and challenging) for me. What I loved to see was the difference between the fashion then compared to now and also historically.

The fact that the copies were Italian really shone through as I leafed through the fashion features. Italian fashion is very classy and has a very particular style to it which was very prominent. Italian models with luscious, long dark hair sporting very chic, sultry garments were photographed and I though it made such a difference between English fashion and Italian fashion.

I also thought the covers were just fantastic. Even though these copies are only from about 10 years ago, it is fascinating to see how fast-paced the industry is. Even the beauty  trends were so different and the 'feel' and atmosphere of the covers were so much different to how they are now. 

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