3 Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

I often say Valentines Day is like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. If you're a Bridget Jones reincarnate, you'll probably hate it (but don't worry, *spoiler alert* you'll end up marrying your Mr Darcy eventually). I personally think it's a rather fun idea, to either celebrate it with your partner or your best chums (Galentines Day!) and spend some quality time together. Of course, spending time and spreading love shouldn't just be limited to 1 day of the year, but it's a nice trivial celebration to take part in, I think.

If you're celebrating it this year, you may want to dress up for your Valentines Day date, and in this post I'm going to be sharing some ideas of some outfits for this special occasion! Whether you're going somewhere extravagant for a fancy dinner or going to the movies with your gals (Fifty Shades Freed, anyone?), I've got you covered.

Outfit 1: The Fancy Feast Date

You may be going somewhere nice and lavish this year for a special dinner, so it only makes sense to match your surroundings with an equally elegant attire. 

The Dress:
I think there's something so mesmerisingly beautiful about this dress, I can't decide if its the layered hem or the colours, but this does just oozes elegance and charm. Click HERE to shop!

The Shoes:
These heels from Office highlight the lilac tones within the dress and make the outfit a bit more airy, light and Spring-like. If you were to pair the dress with black heels, the look suddenly becomes darker and more wintery.  Click HERE to shop!

The Accessories:
Pandora is always a must-have for me when it comes to jewellery. These simple yet elegant studs match the black in the dress without changing the spring-like features of the outfit. Due to the complexity of the dress, a simple pair of earring will do just fine. Click HERE to shop!
When going for a dinner, you want to have your personal belongings with you at all times. To avoid tainting the elegant outfit with a large, bulky handbag, I would suggest opting for a classy cloth bag, no more than 15cm in height. This clutch bag from Accessorize is simple enough so not to detract attention away from the dress and is practical enough to fulfil its purpose. Click HERE to shop!

Outfit 2: The "Let's go out out" Date

You know you're from Britain when asking someone if they want to go "out out" instead of just "out" makes complete sense. If you know, you know.

The Dress:
The sequin dresses from Quiz are are a holy grail for finding a glitzy outfit for a night out. This Gatsby-esque dress has an aura of elegance and the tassels are perfect for dancing all night. For just £19.99 this dress is an absolute steal. Click HERE to shop!

The Shoes:
To compliment the gold sequins, a gold, metallic heel from Simmi pairs perfectly with the dress and the transparent strap makes them as minimalist as possible so all eyes remain on the dress! Click HERE to shop!

The Coat:
This Misselfridge coat would make the outfit even more special as the faux fur is designed to look like tassels, asking a more over-the-top wowness to the look. If this would be too much glam for you, you could opt for a light, cropped leather jacket to simplify it a little bit. Click HERE to shop!

Outfit 3: The Movie Night In Date

Sometimes all you've got to do is enjoy celebrating your love for your friends. There's nothing better than putting on some cosy pj's and snuggling up with your best gals to watch the greatest chick flick of all time (Mean Girls, Clueless, Wild Child..?!?!)

The Outfit:
This Satin Peony Floral Night Set is so adorable and the material would make it so comfortable to wear. It's decorative and beautiful yet comfortable and perfect for a night in with the girls! You can also score the matching dressing gown to complete the look even further! Click HERE to shop!

The Shoes:
Does anyone actually wear shoes to sleepovers? Slipper socks are a sumptuously cosy alternative to any type of slipper and keep your tootsies nice and warm! Click HERE to shop!

The Accessories:
Sleeping isn't complete without a hot water bottle. For added cosiness, keep a couple of hot water bottles handy so you can always stay toasty. This adorable, fluffy hot water bottle is just £5 from New Look! Click HERE to shop!


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