Pretty Little Metals Review

Pretty Little metals is a charming, independent jewellery shop where you can purchase custom-made jewellery. I am a massive admirer of handmade jewellery that can be personalised, as I think it's so important to own some jewellery which you know nobody else will have - it is completely unique to YOU.

I have been lucky enough to receive three beautiful bracelets of my choice. I chose to receive silver thin cuffs with different customisations on them as I mainly wear silver jewellery and I absolutely fell in love with the way they look. There is the option of Gold or Copper, however, I chose to stick to my trusty silver metal.

When they arrived I was immediately impressed and excited to wear them. The thinness of the metals makes them appear very dainty on your wrist, as opposed to a heavier, chunkier bangle. The customisations are exactly as I had asked and are absolutely charming due to their hand-crafted nature. Some of the letters are slightly wonky and not on a straight line, however, I think it looks endearing and unique, so I am overall so impressed with this wonderful jewellery brand! 

Head over to their website to order your own customised jewellery! 


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