London Fashion Weekend 2018 & Élan Café

As we brave this bitterly cold, English weather (I thought Spring was here?), what is there better to do than to attend the London Fashion Week Festival and enjoy an event filled with style, unique garments on sale and catwalks galore. My sister and I bought each other tickets for Christmas and so we ventured off into London, armed with gloves and the thickest coats there ever were, to enjoy our well-deserved fashion weekend.

To fuel ourselves for the day ahead, we decided to pay a visit to what's been named as 'Londons most Instagrammable Café (because who doesn't like a good feed?), the Élan Café on Brompton Road. The talk of the town, this quirky yet cute café is donned with pink roses and the most scrumptious-looking shop window, theres no wonder there was a queue we had to face!

As soon as we stepped into the Élan Café, it truly felt as though we had entered into the land of sugarplum fairies and gardens of rosy delight. There were roses hanging from every which way, in heart shapes, in arcs and there was also a beautiful blossom tree just (casually) perching on the bar. It was a very pretty sight indeed.

It was extremely busy, and they had filled the space to the brim, but this didn't't stop us from enjoying our beetroot lattes and acai bowls (yes, it's just as healthy as it sounds) to the maximum. It was the perfect, most aesthetically pleasing start to what continued being a beautiful and fun-filled day!

(I actually am really not a coffee drinker but to those caffeine junkies out there, this one's for you)

Once we had finished up at the Élan Café, we hopped onto the Picadilly Line and travelled to Covent Garden to begin our day. After a slight mishap with Google Maps (WHY does it never work when I need it most!?!?), we eventually found our way to 180 Strand and we were greeted with a creative, Marcus Lupfer tote bag and a free copy of Elle Magazine. Its safe to say the event was absolutely packed with people, but that didn't take away the excitement and buzz that we felt when entering the event!

Nicopanda was the catwalk that myself and my sister had booked to go and see. The catwalk was flooded with ruffles, statement hats and an eclectic mix of sportswear, which was really interesting to witness. It was also the first time I've ever seen a catwalk model fall flat on their face, so now thats one to cross off my list. (Seriously, I hope she didn't acquire too many bruises though).

Whilst mooching around the numerous different concessions, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the designs of jewellery brand Apples and Figs. Maybe it was the scintillating glint of the jewellery under the light or the aesthetically elegant layout that drew me in, but I was immediately captivated by this brand and their products. I resisted from making any purchases (#studentlife), but I was really excited by this brand and I wanted to share their unique yet beautifully classic designs with you.

Overall I had a wonderful experience at London Fashion Weekend 2018. As well as discovering many new brands and names, purchasing some tassel earrings (statement earrings are SO in right now) and watching yet another fabulous catwalk, the whole day just cranked up the notch (x1,000,000) on my motivation and excitement for my (hopeful) future in the fashion world and I had such an incredible, buzz feeling for the entire duration of the day.

Here's to the excitement that is the fashion world and for my future entry into it!

I'll cheers to that.


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